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Hayward TigerShark 15m cord (specify concrete or f/g)
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Product Brochure Product Brochure - Hayward TigerShark 15m cord (specify concrete or f/g)

The hunt for dirt and debris is on!
TigerShark QC robotic pool cleaners utilise Adaptive
Seek Control Logic (ASCL) self programming
technology to calculate the most efficient cleaning
pattern, determine pool size and power down at
the end of the cleaning cycle. It brushes and scrubs
while it vacuums, reaching everywhere, including the
pool bottom, sides and stairs.
The TigerShark QC QuickClean function represents
the epitome of energy efficency. The large debris
canister and fine porosity filter cartridges ensure no
dirt or debris escape.
Features of the Hayward TigerShark QC Robotic Pool Cleaner
- QuickClean
-cycle allows for a 90 minute pick- up cycle
- Adaptive Seek Control Logic ensures full quick coverage
- Teflon reinforced cord for rugged durability and longevity
- Handle- Reverse for superior scrubbing action and
tangle-free cord
Engineered for durability using acetal/stainless steel on parts
Energy efficient while providing incredible vacuum strength
Vigorous scrubbing action along tile line for complete clean