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Swimming Pool Equipment and Spa Supply's Perth. Welcome to our online pool shop. Located in Bibra Lake we ship our swimming pool spare parts & equipment Australia wide. We specialise in all swimming pool chlorinators, heat exchanger heat pumps, filters and filter pumps. Our extensive range of pool equipment and spare parts we have listed below are just some of the many swimming pool and spa related products we have available. If you don't see the product listed you are searching for, please contact us so we can locate it for you. We are also available for over the counter sales at our Bibra Lake pool shop.

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Accessibility Equipment including chair lifts, for convenient access to above ground and inground pools.
Swimming Pool and Spa Accessories including test kits, pool cleaning equipment, vacuum plates and more.
Automatic Pool Cleaners
All pool owners want to have a clean pool to enjoy, but manually cleaning can be time consuming and laborious. This is where automatic pool cleaners come into play. It is important that you choose a pool cleaner that is efficient, affordable and suits your pool and lifestyle. Suction cleaners work by using your existing pool filtration and trace a random pattern in your pool when the pool pump and filter are switched on. Robotic cleaners work independently of the pools circulation, have on-board filtration and work faster as they “map’ the surface of your pool, providing exact and efficient coverage.
Blankets or Pool Covers
There are many options available for pool covers in today's market. From the well-known and popular pool blankets to liquid pool blanket applications. Pool blankets come in a variety of colours and styles to suit you pool. There is also an extensive range of rollers available to keep you pool blanket stored neatly when not in use. Combine your roller with custom seating, hideaway boxes, or remote control devices to suit any budget.
Swimming pool & spa chemicals are available from our Bibra Lake pool shop in Perth. We do free computer water analysis with our spin spectrometer & Palintest 25 photometer. The correct water balance ensures that your pool water is safe to swim in. If your swimming pool or spa water is not correctly balanced you could adversely affect the health and comfort of bathers, as well as attract nasties like algae and bacteria. Balanced water also prevents scale build up, corrosion and equipment damage. During the swimming season, you should be testing your pool water at home with a test kit about twice a week. These at home tests should be able to test for free available chlorine, pH, acid demand and total alkalinity. Back up these at home tests by bringing a water sample into our store for a free pool water evaluation every two weeks.
Swimming pool chlorinators, all makes and models available. Salt water chlorinators and automatic chemical feeders can be found in this category.
Pool filters are a critical component when it comes to keeping your swimming pool clean. By filtering your water, you can remove fine particles and debris that would otherwise leave your swimming pool cloudy and stagnant. The two most common kinds of pool filters are cartridge filters and sand filters. Sand filters have been a trusted and reliable filtration system for pools for the past 30 years. They are filled with sand or media and are easily cleaned by a process called back-washing. Cartridge filters use paper filament cartridges and can filter finer particles from your swimming pool. Diatomaceous Earth filters are also available.
Heating your pool water can give new life to your swimming pool. You’ll be able to comfortably stay in the water for longer periods and can even enjoy swimming all year round. There are many options for swimming pool heating, including Solar, Heat Pumps (energy efficient electric heating) and Gas. We can help you find one to suit your budget, and how you use your pool. No matter how you heat your pool, a pool blanket is an excellent way to reduce heat loss overnight. These blankets not only keep the heat in, they also reduce evaporation.
Showcase your pool and landscaping by adding a waterfall to your swimming pool. A waterfall will turn your pool into an elegant showpiece and the sound of flowing water creates a relaxing space for you to enjoy. We have waterfalls that include LED lighting to add beauty both day and night.
Lights & Controllers
Lighting for you pool area increases visibility and safety at night, as well as turning your ordinary pool into a spectacular feature. Halogen surface mounted lights have been the standard in pool lighting for many, many years. Now there is LED lighting you have more features and options available than ever before. LED pool lights are brighter, use less energy, are long lasting and there is no need to change globes. You can choose from single colour to multi-coloured lights and there are optional upgrades to accommodate remote control operation.
Onsite Installation & Service
At the moment this service is only available to Perth Area customers.
O-rings of all sizes to suit swimming pool equipment and other applications. If you can't find the size you are after please contact us.
The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool. Your pool pump circulates water through your filtration, sanitation, cleaner and other equipment including your heater. Your pump is instrumental in ensuring your pool is running effectively. That’s why it is important to choose the right pump for your pool. If your pump is not running, the water from your pool is not being properly circulated or filtered. We are happy to help you select the correct pump and we stock all major brands. We also have energy efficient models that operated at variable speeds to keep operating costs to a minimum.
Spa Equipment
We can source large range of spa equipment from all major supplies. If you don’t find the product your looking for here, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Transform your pool a with fun and exciting pool slide to turn your pool into a playground that your kids will love.
Water Leveller
Automatic levelling devices ensure your swimming pool is always at the correct level. They eliminate the need to keep an eye on your pools water level. They are fully automatic and will stop damage caused to equipment by not allowing pumps to run dry. A set and forget solution.
Discontinued Products
Discontinued products which are no longer available. Spare parts are usually still available for most products.