Liquid Blanket

Liquid pool blankets are a revolutionary alternative to traditional pool blankets. They use a microscopically thin layer of alcohol that sits on top of your swimming pool water that reduces water evaporation which is a major cause of water heat loss. They are safe to use with all swimmers (including kids and pets) and are biodegradable. You are still able to swim when the liquid blanket is in the pool. The liquid cover simply separates and then reforms when the water settles. The liquid blanket will not affect your pool water chemistry in any way, nor will it damage your pool equipment or filtration systems. By using a liquid pool blanket you should expect to have warmer pool water, less evaporation, reduced water and pool heating costs, all without the need to remove and replace a pool cover.

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HeatSavr Liquid Blanket automatic Doser 5RM

HeatSavr Liquid Blanket automatic Doser 5RM. Automatically meters...

4L Bottle - HeatSavr

LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - 4L Bottle - HeatSavr. A non-toxic liquid...

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