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Saltigem SG15 Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator (While stock lasts)
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Automatic salt chlorinator with optional pH control

Saltigem Automatic Salt Chlorinator. The Saltigem automatic salt chlorinator is the latest offering from Pool Controls, which has almost 30 years’ experience in water quality management. If you prefer a salt water pool, the Saltigem will use salt dissolved in the water to keep your pool clean and safe - and requires only half the salt used by some other brands of salt chlorinator.

Efficiency and Control

Saltigem uses an digital timer instead of an old-fashioned mechanical timer. The timer gives the pool owner complete control of running times and making seasonal adjustments is a breeze! The Saltigem communicates via its LCD display. It uses a FLASH processor that remembers how it has been programmed even if power supply is interrupted. A rechargeable battery will power the clock in the event of a power cut.

The Saltigem can tell you if salt levels are too low, or if adjustments to running cycles need to be made due to seasonal temperature fluctuations.

Aftercare and Service

Pool Controls takes pride in its products and has a team of dedicated service technicians to make sure your requirements as a pool owner are met. Saltigem offers you total control and peace of mind at a very competitive price.

No other salt chlorinator offers all these features in the same price range!

Self-cleaning Cells

The Saltigem will periodically reverse its cell polarity to keep the

cell clean. This takes place automatically, and increases the

efficiency and life of the cell.

Care for your pump

A big killer of pumps is “dry running”. Saltigem prevents this

from happening by monitoring the cell for gas build-up. If

gas is detected, Saltigem will first shut the cell off and if gas

continues to build up in the system, the pump will also be shut

off before serious damage occurs. This feature can also be

used to automatically turn off your filter backwash – in case you

forget to!

Optional Timer for your Pool Lighting

Saltigem can come with a timer outlet for your pool lighting system

– turning it on and off automatically.

Optional pH Control

This Saltigem option allows you to control the pH of your salt

water pool automatically. An innovative algorithm allows

the Saltigem’s internal processor to calculate and predict pH

changes and add acid as needed. The unit is “plug and play”

– so installing pH valves to existing units is simple. You can even

set a manual dose if a large adjustment is needed (for example

after adding buffer).