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Viron eQuilibrium EQ 18 Salt Chlorinator
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Chlorinator Systems
Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator Systems all incorporate
switch mode power supplies to provide high efficiency DC
power to the electrode. This helps produce the maximum
sanitiser output. High quality electrode life is enhanced
by the intelligent polarity reversal. Rather than reverse
automatically at fixed intervals, the Viron eQuilibrium
Chlorinator accounts for the sanitiser output setting and will
reduce polarity reversals to significantly extend electrode
life. This coupled with our unique soft start and shut down
system, allows the Chlorinator Cell to be covered by a 5 year
unconditional warranty.
LCD Screen
The large LCD screen on the controller provides meaningful
information such as chlorine level, output level of cell, pH set
point and actual water balance and even records the total
hours of operation, maximum chorine level recorded and
low/high pH levels recorded. Not often used but good to
know it is there.
ph & Chlorine Sensors
The pH and Chlorine sensors incorporate their own built
in amplifiers and are optically connected which prevents
electrical interference from storms or other sources. This
provides the most accurate pH and Chlorine readings. Fuzzy
logic enables the micro processor to accurately and slowly
add pH adjuster to achieve the perfect pH level and self learn
the amount of adjuster required.
All of the control functions are in one easy to install
control unit which connects to the cell, pH sensor, chlorine
sensor and pH adjuster container. The controller cleverly
incorporates the peristaltic pump which adds measured
doses of pH adjuster
Your Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator is covered by 5 year warranty
on the cell, 5 year pro-rata warranty on the controller and 12
month warranty on the sensors.